News Letter Vol.01 in 2021, MODBUS RTU Protocol is now available.

2021-06-10 09:51

News Letter from IR Robot Co.,Ltd Vol.01 in 2021


Nowadays our globe is suffering from COVID19, we wish your wellness in this pandemic.
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Mini, but MIGHTY!

If you need precise linear motion control in narrow space, mightyZAP would be perfect motion solution for you.

  • Compact size
  • Built-in drive circuit
  • Dynamic Position / Force / Speed control
  • Data communication control and position feedback
  • Efficient, high-durable 12V coreless DC motor

For more detailed information for possible application, please see here.

1. MODBUS RTU Protocol is now available.

Through intensive beta test, we are pleased to release MODBUS RTU protocol for our new Force Control lineup actuator- 12Lf series (RS-485 communication version).
This is to provide easier communicational interface with other industrial communication standard.
With our 12Lf series(RS-485 version), user is able to select their preferred protocol between MODBUS RTU and our own protocol on the manager software.
This change will be made from early July and we will also release updated firmware for MODBUS RTU protocol soon along with the new manager software.

[MODBUS Manual Download]

2. Tutorial Video : How to select the most proper model for me.

We current have more than 80 different actuators and sometimes, so sometimes our customers have a hard time choosing the one they need from among the many models.

Here is our tutorial video to guide you to select most proper model for you more easily among our product lineup.

3. New Accessories

Please see our new accessories which help you to use mightyZAP actuator more conveniently & efficiently.

1) IR-MB04 Vertical mounting metal bracket for 27mm stroke mightyZAP actuator

As the next series of current metal bracket, IR-MB02 which is for lateral mounting, we are pleased to release new IR-MB04 which provides Vertical or Front mounting solution.

2) IR-GT01 Rod End Grip Tips

The IR-GT01 Rod-End Grip tip is an accessory that prevents physical damage to the application object by attaching a grip tip with a soft pad onto the rod-end of mightyZAP.
For example, by attaching a rubber/silicone pad to the flat grip tip, it can be used to push or touch an object that is easy to be scratched or damaged, or to hold or lift an object using the frictional force of the silicone.


If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact

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