News Letter Vol.01 in 2020, New Force Control lineup.

2020-07-22 16:09

News Letter from IR Robot Co.,Ltd Vol.01 in 2020


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Mini, but MIGHTY!


If you need precise linear motion control in narrow space, mightyZAP would be perfect motion solution for you.

  • Compact size
  • Built-in drive circuit
  • Dynamic Position / Force / Speed control
  • Data communication control and position feedback
  • Efficient, high-durable 12V coreless DC motor

For more detailed information for possible application, please see here.


1. New Force Control lineup

Here is an introductory video for our new Force Control lineup actuators.
Now you can control force and speed as well as precise position control of existing products.

We attached a Product leaflet too.

- Stall Force control (based on current feedback)
- Speed control (1024 resolution)
- Precise position control
- Up to 30μm repeatability (unidirectional)
- 27/40/53/90mm stroke
- Rated load of 12~78N according to gear ratio
- Built-in drive circuit (RS-485 or TTL)
- MODBUS RTU communication to be compatible

기Please refer to the chart below for differences between position control lineup and the new force control lineup.

[Lineup Comparative Table]

[Detail Page]


2. EZ Controller/Tester IR-CT01

This is the dedicated mightyZAP controller/tester that can be used when the customer does not have their own controller for their application.

It is also available to use it as a tester for mightyZAP using simple hardware interface.

It is equipped with basic program and control hardware, and an external input(such as external switches or voltage level signals) can be connected to IR-CT01 to control motion.

  • Arduino-based controller/tester for mightyZAP for simple operation
  • Built-in basic control program, user programmable (Arduino example provided)
  • Built-in dials, position command button switches and position command slide
  • Controllable through external switch or voltage level signal
  • 6 x I/O pins for analog/digital sensor connection
  • External communication terminal for Bluetooth or Zigbee communication



If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact
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