News Letter from IR Robot Co.,Ltd Vol.04 in 2018

2019-07-05 10:03
News Letter from IR Robot Co.,Ltd Vol.04 in 2018
Mini, but MIGHTY!


If you need precise linear motion control in narrow space, mightyZAP would be perfect motion solution for you.
  • Micro size linear servo motors
  • 0.05mm positional accuracy
  • Robust force comparing to its size (max. 100N)
  • Built-in Drive circuity for simplicity
  • 27mm / 41mm / 56mm stroke opitions
  • Factory automation / Medical & lab equipment / Test equipment / UAV & Drone, Robotics, etc.

Possible Applications?

New 41mm/56mm Stroke Versions!

Based on successful introduction with 27mm stroke version, we have tons of requests about longer stroke versions. Now we are happy to announce that we just released 41mm and 56mm stroke version mightyZAP. We can say that the longer stroke versions are rebirth of mightyZAP through our constant endeavor in mechanical & software standpoint.
1. Solid mechanical structure

It is natural that longer stroke means poor opposing power against side force which we should avoid. Thus, we put our major effort to overcome this limitation through mechanical improvement as below.
1) Sturdy Metal Case

Beautifully Blast-sanding processed, solid metal case is applied for 41mm and 56mm stroke versions to secure strong opposing power against side-force and external pressure. Also, this versatile metal case has built-in M3 tapping holes for easy mounting.
2) High Strength lead screw

We applied 4mm pie high strength lead screw for 41/56mm stroke mightyZAP while we have used 3mm pie lead screw for our current 27mm stroke version to maximize linearity and stability against external pressure.
2. Precision Control
1) 0.05mm Positional accuracy

Thanks to enhanced mechanical precision and the latest firmware, we could secure 0.05mm positional accuracy while longer stroke may bring poor resolution.
2) Updated firmware

Through constant upgrade of the firmware, we could realize improved overload protection algorism and linearity of speed control feature.
3. Need more?
1) Easy, various mounting solution

41mm/56mm version provide easy and various mounting solution through built-in M3 tapping holes in the metal case as well as optional mounting accessory, IR-MB03



2) Versatile lineup

There are many options you can take in our lineup. From high force option (maximum 78N force) to the Speed option (max. 80mm/sec), and TTL/PWM & RS-485 communication protocol with 2 different stroke lengths, we provide 16 models under 41 and 56mm stroke version.
Please refer to the detailed specification sheet.
Specification chart (Click)
mightyZAP on the end effecter of Cooperating robot

The mightZAP is a perfect solution for linear motion control in industrial 4.0 wave due to its compact size and versatile function.
One of our US customer named KINGBOT applied mightyZAP for their LAB-BOT for dispensing module on cooperation robot.
Like this, mightyZAP can be used for various applications for alignment, clamping, valve/button control, focusing and etc and there are still endless possibility of application according to your brilliant idea!!
LAB-BOT영상 (Click)

New Firmware Update
Updated firmware for mightyZAP 27mm(30mm) stroke lineup is just release. To optimize your mightyZAP performance, you are strongly requested to update your old version firmware.
What is updated?

  • Repeatability improvement : Improved to 0.05mm from 0.1mm
  • Speed control improvement : Improved for more proportional speed control
  • Overload protection improvement : More timely & realistic overload protection
Show Schedule
We are pleased to participate in SPS IPC Drives fair and hope we can meet again with you to share updated product & market information.
  • Venue : Messe Nuremberg, Germany
  • Date : From Nov, 27 to 29, 2018
  • Booth# : Hall 3, #504