POSITION Control lineup > Cored motor

Product Overview

The most basic product group of mightyZAP with Position control feature
Built-in drive circuit, position sensor, DC motor and gear box
Reasonable price compared to the Force control product lineup
Suitable for customers who do not need force and speed control
Stall force and speed adjustment within a limited range by adjusting the motor operating rate
12mm diameter cored motor lineup
     – The coreless motor is superior to the cored motor in terms of force and durability.
26mm stroke
Rated Load of 6N, 12N according to gear ratio for each stroke
     – Speed ​​is inversely proportional to Rated Load, so the stronger the Rated Load, the slower the speed.
Support RS-485 or TTL / PWM communication
     – TTL / PWM communication version operates by automatically recognizing the input TTL / PWM signal.
     – When using PWM communication, only the position command is available while feedback data cannot be received.


* Shipment from Korea
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Stroke Motor Voltage Rated Load / Speed Data Communication Model
26mm 12V 6N / 36mm/s RS-485
12N / 12mm/s RS-485
7.4v 6N / 36mm/s RS-485
12N / 12mm/s RS-485

  • Heavy duty cored motor applied
  • 26mm stroke (27mm stroke can be extended to 29mm using IR-USB01)
  • Force option – 6N and 12N
  • 7.4V or 12V input voltage option
  • RS-485 or TTL/PWM protocol option
  • Engineering plastic rod

Main Features


  • 50μm Unidirectional repeatability & Position feedback
  • Absolute position sensing via Potentiometer (No Calibration needed)
  • 32Bit Micro controller, High resolution (4096) A/D converter


  • Cored motor
  • Smart Overload protection detects jam or over 50% duty-rate (Overridable)
  • Life-cycle Reference Data is on our homepage (Under 50% duty cycle recommended)
  • Vertical (Z axis) use is possible due to mechanical Self-lock (Certain models are not applicable, see the model specification chart)


  • Compact size for space constraints
  • Hassle-free, Built-in drive circuit
  • Daisy chain serial connection between servos
  • Various mounting solutions
  • Detachable and 90° rotatable hinge design (Patented)
  • Various APIs / Libraries / Examples of programming languages (C# / C++ / Python / Java / Raspberry Pi / Arduino etc.)
  • Dedicated PC Software (Parameter setting & simple motion testing) and PC USB Interface (IR-USB01) available (Optional)
  • LED Error indicator & LED self-diagnosis function
  • Paired with various controller types (PC / PLC / Arduino / Rasberry-Pi / RC Controller / Dedicated embedded board etc.)


  • Rated Load options (6N,  12N)
  • Speed options (12mm/s, 36mm/s at No load condition)
  • Two types of data communication options (TTL or RS-485)
  • IR Robot open protocol (Download from homepage)
  • TTL(Data comm.) or PWM(Pulse signal) is automatically recognized in TTL/PWM version
  • Active on custom design orders upon customer’s request


  • Medical device and Lab equipment
  • Vending and game machines
  • Robotics
  • Automation (Factory / Home / Agriculture etc)
  • Production and inspection jigs
  • UAV (Fixed wing / Helicopter / Multicopter etc)
  • DYI, Education, Hobby, etc


Cored motor lineup

* Shipment from Korea
* If you wish to get product from USA, please click here.
Motor Voltage Communication Rated Load 6N Rated Load 12N
26mm Stroke
12V RS-485 D12-6F-3
7.4V RS-485 D7-6F-3
Rated Load / Max. Speed(No Load) 6N/36.0mm/s 12N/12.0mm/s
Applicable Max Load / Max. Speed(No Load) 12N/36.0mm/s 24N/12.0mm/s
Mechanical Self Lock
(Z Axis Application)
Not Available Available

Common Specification

Positional Accuracy Stroke Unidirectional
26mm 30μm (0.03mm)
Mechanical Backlash 0.03mm (30μm)
Gear Ratio 10:1
Gear Type Engineering Plastic Gears
Rod Type Engineering Plastic Rod
Motor Type Cored Motor
Watt 4.2W
Recommend Duty Cycle At rated Load At applicable Max Load
Max 50% Max 20%
Position Sensor 10KΩ linear Potentiometer
Input Voltage Range 7 ~ 13V for 12V Motor, 6.5~8.9V for 7.4V Motor
Current Consumption 7.4V 12V
Idle Rated Stall Idle Rated Stall
30mA 250mA 0.48A 30mA 140mA 0.3A
Audible Noise Approx. 50db at 1m
Data Communication / Protocol RS-485 or TTL(PT version) / IR Robot open protocol
LED Indication 7 Error Indications
(Overload, Checksum, Data Range, Overheat, Stroke Limit, Input voltage, Instruction Error)
Pulse Signal / Pulse Range PWM (PT version, Used in RC model hobby) / 900μs(Retracted)-1500μs(Center)-2100μs (Extended)
Ingress Protection IP-54 (Dust & Water Tight)
Size / Weight
rod-end & hinge))
57.4(L)x29.9(W)x15(H)mm / 49~52g
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
Wire Harness TTL(PT version) : Molex to Molex Type
(Molex 50-37-5033, 3pins) / 200mm length, 0.08×60(22AWG)
or RS485(F version) : Molex to Molex Type (Molex 0510650400, 4pins) / 200mm length, 0.08×60(22AWG)
* Design and Specification can be changed without prior notice for further improvement.


26mm Stroke Version

Standard Accessories

Hinge : Hinge is rotatable by 90 degree according to the mounting condition.
Without hinge, actuator can be mounted using IR-MB02 (for 26, 27mm stroke version) or IR-MB03(for 41/56/96mm stroke version) Metal brackets.
Also, IR-EB01 Rod end bearing is also one of mounting option. Please refer to the mounting manual for each accessory.
Rod-end tip and Socket-set screw can be used according to user’s need.
Or, user may apply their own rod-end tip(M3 standard). Make sure to put M3 nut before applying rod-end tip.
The M3 nut is a double nut concept for angle adjustment of rod-end tip mounting.
When mounting rod-end tip, make sure to fix the M3 nut and the rod-end tip by the tool(such as long nose) to set angle and to prevent the rod from turning together. (If not, it may cause damage to the product. The rod should not be turned all the time.)

PC Software
MightyZAP Manager

  • Setting various operation parameters & memory parameters
  •  – Baud rate, ID, Delay, Stroke limit, Motor Operating rate, Goal Position
  •  – LED Alarm, Overload setting
  • Simple Motion Test
  • System reset and Firmware update
  • Motor Operating rate, Voltage, Temperature, Present position monitoring
  • Need optional PC USB Interface “IR-USB01” (Sold separately)
  • Windows compatible mightyZAP manager PC software enables users to set various parameters & test motions. (Able to downloaded from our website for free)
  • (PC Software will be updated from time to time, so it is recommended for the user to download and update PC software properly.)