Product Overview

  POSITION Control lineup

  • The most basic product group of mightyZAP with Position control feature
  • Built-in drive circuit, position sensor, DC motor and gear box
  • Reasonable price compared to the Force control product lineup
  • Suitable for customers who do not need force and speed control
  • Stall force and speed adjustment within a limited range by adjusting the motor operating rate
  • 12mm diameter coreless motor lineup and cored motor lineup
  •    * The coreless motor is superior to the cored motor in terms of force and durability.
  • 27/41/56/96mm stroke option
  • Rated Load of 12N ~ 100N according to gear ratio for each stroke
  •    * Speed ​​is inversely proportional to Rated Load, so the stronger the Rated Load, the slower the speed.
  • Support RS-485 or TTL / PWM communication
  •    * TTL / PWM communication version operates by automatically recognizing the input TTL / PWM signal.
  •    * When using PWM communication, only the position command is available while feedback data cannot be
  •      received.
  • IR Open Protocol

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