Standard Lead Time / Payment Conditions

As our actuator lineup and models are diverse, we rarely keep finished product stocks, but we produce and prepare for stocks of semi-finished products.
When the payment for order is confirmed, we start assembling semi-finished products for each model.
In this regard, please refer to the standard lead time / payment condition for order quantity below.
Order Qty Standard Lead Time Payment Condition
Under 19pcs Within a week 100% when order
20~49pcs 1~2 weeks
50~99pcs 2~4 weeks 50%(at least) when order /
Remaining amount before shipment
100~199pcs 4~6 weeks 30%(at least) when order /
Remaining amount before shipment
200~399pcs 6~8 weeks
400~599pcs 8~10 weeks
600~999pcs 10~12 weeks
1000pcs~ To be discussed
* Above lead time does not include shipping transit time. (it is production lead time)
* The standard lead time above is calculated from the date of payment receipt.
* If you accept partial shipment, you can receive urgent quantity you need sooner. (Need to contact us)
* Please contact us in case shorter lead time is required.
(Always try to satisfy customer’s requirement, but please understand that it depends on our production line status.)