mightyZAP Manager software Update (Ver.3.0)

2021-10-04 15:02

We are happy to release the new Manager software V3.0 with the new feature. [Update : Oct, 4th, 2021]

Download the attached installation file(mightyZAP Manager Setup V3.0.0) and refer to the attached Software user manual for better understanding.

When the download is stopped due to the influence of Windows or PC antivirus software, set it as an exception and proceed the installation.

What are updated?

Item Before After Purpose
User Interface Improvement - - Add functions and improve user convenience
MODBUS RTU Protocol Not Selectable Selectable ※ Communication Interface improvement
Baudrate 38400 Not Selectable Selectable ※
Motion Test Simple single motion only Complex motion loop test available For better User convenience
Motion Test Monitoring Not Supportedc Monitoring and data storage available
Calibration Calibration after firmware update No calibration ※※
Factory Reset Not Supported All parameters including calibration can be reset.
Actuator search speed Relatively slow Improved by 200%
: Firmware update is required to the Position control lineup new firmware V20 or Force control lineup new firmware V2.0
※※ : Calibration to be made when firmware is updated from V.1X to V20(Position Control lineup) or V2.0(Force Control lineup), then calibration will not be made after the firmware update from the aforementioned version.