mightyZAP manager Software Update (V.1.0.7)

2019-07-22 19:03
The new V2.3a software was announced. Download the V2.3a software.
[V2.3a Download link]
The new mightyZAP Manager software ver.1.0.7 has been released.
Note : For those who used previous Ver1.0.6 software, please remove old Ver.1.0.6, then install new Ver.1.0.7.  For new firmware update released July, 22nd, 2019, Ver1.0.7 software is necessary.
[What are updated?]
  • "Force limit" parameter eliminated.
  • "Max Force" and "Speed" Parameter have been unified to "Motor Operating Rate" parameter.
  • "Motor operating rate" range  change (previous 0~1023 in Max force parameter / new 400~1023)
  • "Compliance margin" parameter segmentalized (Start Compliance margin and End Compliance margin)
  • "Stroke Calibration" process added after firmware update
[Recommended O/S]
  • Windows 7 / Win 10(32bit/64bit)
  • Please understand that compatibility with Lower version Windows such as Windows XP are not verified.