[FORCE Control] Mini Linear Servo Motor mightyZAP User Manual V3.1 (Updated April, 14th, 2022)

User Manual
2020-04-06 18:03

Here is the updated manual for the new firmware Ver2.0(or higher) of the Force Control lineup actuators(12Lf series).

  • This manual is the dedicated manual for FORCE control version actuator(12Lf series) which support force/speed control as well as position control.
  • Please check out if your actuator's firmware is V2.0(or higher).  If not, please update the firmware to V2.0(or higher) before reading this manual.
  • For the users have the actuator which starts with D or L, please refer to the separate "Position control" actuator manual.
  • Force control 12Lf series have two different communication protocols as below and please download proper manual according to your desired communication protocol. (Both protocols are selectable on the new firmware V2.0(or higher) along with the new manager software V3.0(or higher) )
  • We also provide two different user manuals for both IR protocol and MODBUS RTU protocol as well.
    • IR Open protocol manual - our own typical protocol (Manual ver.3.1)
    • MODBUS RTU protocol manual - new protocol for easier industrial interface (Manual ver.3.0)
  • Each protocol has different parameter data maps, so please kindly pay attention to select right protocol manual for you.
(April, 14th, 2022 Updated)