• Overload protection feature can be deactivated by users?
    Yes, it is doable. Use IR-USB01 and deactivate "Overload shutdown" setting on manager software. But, remember that actuator will not be protected against overload condition in this case.
  • Will motor be protected under Overload status?
    Overload protection feature is dafault feature and is activated from the factory. But, if actuator will be exposed to constant overload condition, motor will be stressed and it affects to the lifespan of actuator. When actuator recognizes overload status, blue LED will be flickered and same condition maintains, actuator will be shutdown to protect the actuator (Communication is still alive, but motor power off). In this case, you can revive actuator by supplying power again or sending "Restart" command by data communication. The most important thing is to remove overload condition not to repeat same problem.
  • What is difference between Economical and Premium Versions?
    Economical line : Relatviely low cost cored motor applied, so price is lower than premium version. But, force is far weaker and has shorter lifespan comparing to premium lineup. (1/10 of Premium lineup lifespan)
    Premium line : Heavey duty coreless motor applied which means stronger force and much longer lifespan comparing to economical line. Design form factor is almost same, but stroke is slightly different. Please refer to the drawings of each version.