• How about input voltage?
    You can choose 7.4V or 12V input voltages lineup. They have different model names. Operating voltage ranges are as below. The lower voltage, the lower force and slower speed.
    - 7.4V lineup : 3V~7.4V
    - 12V lineup : 7V~12V
  • Do I have to have additonal drive module to control mightyZAP?
    No. mightyZAP already has a built-in drive circuit, so you do not need to have it additionally.
  • Can I use IR-STS01 Arduino Servo tester shield as a controller?
    Yes, you can. The IR-STS01 is designed based on Arduino hardware and you can control mightyZAP on it. However, note that it is not designed for serious industrial usage, but for casual motion test.
  • What is IR-USB01 PC USB Interface? Is this a controller? Do I have to buy it when I buy actuator?
    The IR-USB01 is a PC USB interface board which enables you to connect mightyZAP with your PC for various parameter setting or simple motion test on Manager software. (That is, it is an USB to TTL/RS-485 converter for mightyZAP.) So, it is not a controller and highly recommended to buy one when your first purchase of mightyZAP.
  • Do you sell dedicated controller for mightyZAP?
    We do not have a dedicated controller for our actuators because most of our customers have their own controller such as PLC, PC or embeded board on their application. Thanks to built-in drive circuitry, simply send communication packet from your controller to mightyZAP to control them according to communication protocol we published on the user manual.
  • What kind of communication protocol does mightyZAP support?
    Two different protocols. The one is PWM/TTL and the other is RS-485. To get feedback data, user needs to use data communication like TTL or RS-485. (Under PWM mode, user only control position without feedback data).
  • Can I relieve mechanical noise from the actuator?
    The mightyZAP actuator is consists of high speed DC motor, elaborate gear box and leadscrew. So, certain level of mechanical noise is inevitable. If it gives trouble, user may relieve it by noise absorber or put lower input voltage. (in this case, force and speed will also be lowered.)
  • Why are there two same connector ports on the actuator? What is the difference?
    Two connectors are physically & functionally same and they are for daisy chain connection between servo acutators. Under TTL or RS-485 data communication, user is able to assign ID for each actuator and control them respectively or all togehter as well. Under PWM signal mode, user is able to control multiple actuators with same motion, but cannot control each actuator with respectively different motions.
  • What does duty cycle mean?
    The duty cycle means the percentage of motor operating time in whole cycle. In other words, 50% duty cycle means that motor should rest 50% of time when motor operates during 50% of time to manage motor lifespan more efficiently. Use actuator under 50% of duty cycle for optimized lifespan. The less duty cycle, the longer lifespan.
  • How long can I use mightyZAP actuator?
    It depends on various factors. It will be varied according to duty cycle, load amount, length of stroke, etc. The Duty cycle is the most crucial factor to manage lifespan properly. Recommended duty cycle is less than 50%. For more detailed info for lifecycle, refer to the lifecycle guideline information from our web.