• Can I use mightyZAP in highly humid or serious dust condition?
    mightyZAP has been developped for indoor application and has IP-54 ingress protection rate. However, we do not recommend to use it under high humid, serious dust condition. User needs to make some protection case if actuator needs to be applied under this serious condition.
  • Can I make my own rod end tip and assemble it to the rod end?
    Even if we provide basic rod end tip with M3 standard, user may have their own rod end tip according to their requirement. Please remember the standard of rod-end is M3.
  • I need outside view drawing for my application design.
    You can download each 3D / 2D drawings from our website. Go to Digital archive and see Drawing tab.
  • Transverse force against the rod does not matter?
    No, there should not be transverse force against rod to prevent overload due to the friction. Use Rod end ball bearing or LM guide if it concerns you.
  • How can I mount the actuator?
    For 27mm stroke version, you can use dedicated metal bracket called IR-MB02 or Rod end bearings, IR-EB01 can be a solution. For 41mm and 56mm stroke version, user can mount the actuator through built-in tapping holes on the housing. If user wants to more flexible mounting, use IR-MB03 metal bracket or IR-EB01 Rod end bearings. For detailed information, download "mounting information" manual from our website.
  • The dimension of actuator will be varied according to the force?
    No. The factor to determine dimension of actuator is something to do with stroke. Under same stroke, there is no difference in dimension due to the different rated force. Because force/speed is determined by gear ratio in same body case. The stronger force, the slower speed.
  • Can I adjust the Force?
    Using “Motor operating rate” parameter, Stall force level can be adjusted, and speed will be adjusted at the same time.

    The stall force is the maximum force of the motor at stall condition and it is 5 times bigger than Rated force.
    And please be advised that Rated force will not be changed at any time.
    For example, in case of L12-20F-3, its rated force is 20N and the rated force 20N will be maintained regardless motor operating rate.
    Use actuator within Rated force range.
  • Can I use mightyZAP at Z axis? (vertically)
    Yes, you can. But, Z axis force is slightly different from its rated force, so please refer to the specification chart. And it is highly recommended to apply "Force Off" command after the rod is positioned so that concerned position can be hold by mechanical frictional force. In this case, motor power will be off while communication is still alive. Please refer to the user manual for more detailed information.
  • What is rated force? Is it maximum force of mightyZAP?
    No. max stall force is 5 times bigger than rated force. For instance, rated 20N force model(like L12-20PT-3), its max stall force is 100N(10kg). But, you are requested to use them within rated force condition for better lifespan.
  • Vertical axis force is same as horizontal force?
    No. they are different. Z axis force is weaker than x/y axis force considering gravity. Refer to the spec chart and data sheet.