• My manager software cannot detect the actuator. What should I do?
    You can check below matters.

    1. Make sure if proper COM port is assigned for IR-USB01.  You can check this on your device manager of Windows. If COM port assigned properly, you can find COM port number on the manager software.

    2. Check if proper power(7.4V or 12V according to your actuator spec) for actuator is supplied to the green power port of IR-USB01.  Without actuator power, software cannot detect the actuator.

    3. Make sure if you are using Micro 5pin USB cable which supports data transfer. Some USB cable only support charging and you are not able to use this cable for IR-USB01.

    4. You can refer to the software user manual for more detailed information.

  • Can I use multiple actuators for same objective?
    No, you can't.  You can assign ID for each actuator and synchronize them. However,  it is for positional synchronization, not for speed.  Due to the DC brushed motor's characteristic, each actuator's speed can be varied according to mechanical assembly status and DC motor's tolerance.  If you control multiple actuators for same objective, actuators will be under overload condition due to difference of speed.  Thus, as shown below picture, control single actuator for single objective. If necessary, you can use linear bushings or linear guide for better alignment.

  • Can I use mightyZAP with PLC?
    Here is simple diagram to show how mightyZAP can be connected with PLC
    Basic concept will be as below picture.

    1 : PLC controller
    2 : Communication card (RS-485/422/232C)
    3 : Power supply
    4 : Voltage regulator (drop to 12V)

    • Apply RS-485 compatible mightyZAP (L12-XXF-X series)

    • User needs to be program the motion in PLC ladder diagram based on our communication protocol.

    • As there are many different PLC brand, please understand that we are not able to provide more pinpointing information for each brand.

    • We plan to apply MODBUS compatibility for easier PLC connection in near future.

  • Do I have to update the firmware whenever they are released?
    Yes, it is highly recommended to update the firmware to the latest one as most of update includes improvement of performance or bug fix. To get an update news in timely manner, please subscribe our news letter.
  • How can I ask maintenance service?
    You can contact us at cs@irrobot.com to get a RMA number.
  • Actuator power is suddenly off after Blue LED flickering. Then, actuator can work normally when I reboot the power again.
    It is a typical symptom when motor is protected by Overload protection feature. Check out if there are any Overload conditions as below and remove overload condition immeditely.
    - Discrepancy between position command and mechanical limit
    - Too high duty cycle (less than 50% duty cycle is recommended.)
    - Heavier load than rated force
  • It seems that grease is slighty leaked from the housing.
    The grease should be essentially applied to mightyZAP as it consists of various gears. Small amount of grease can be leaked from the housing, but it does not affect to the normal function.
  • Can I use mightZAP for my R/C model planes or car?
    Yes, you can because mightyZAP supports same PWM signal as conventional R/C. But, please pay attention if you need to deactivate "Overload protection" feature which is basically activated from the factory to prevent unexpected failure during the R/C operation.
  • I do not have an idea how strong force is needed for my application, so I cannot decide actuator force.
    You can measure the force of your application using Push-pull gauge.
  • I would like to know the part number of connectors.
    You can find Molex connectors part number and its drawing on our website. See Digital archive and Drawing tab.