[Must Read] V20(or higher) Firmware Update Compatibility Notice

2021-11-11 16:09
We are sorry to inform you that some old products may have compatibility issue for the V20(or higher) firmware update. Please read carefully below announcement to prevent problems which incur hardware repair cost.
  1. All Force Control lineup (12Lf series) products have no update compatibility issues.
  2. Among the Position Control lineup products (L12, L7, D12, D7), RS-485 communication products also do not have update compatibility problems regardless of the production time.
  3. Update compatibility issue Products : Some past products of TTL/PWM communication version of Position Control lineup products (L12, L7, D12, D7)
  4. How to identify
  • Refer to the production lot number on the product model name sticker (4 or 5 digit number/alphabetic combination under the model name)

                   [Example of new firmware non-compatible product]
  • If your actuator is TTL/PWM communication version(“PT” mark on the model name) and the first digit of the production lot number starting with 1 or 2, it cannot be updated to the latest V20(or higher) firmware.
  • Among the products starting with production lot number 3, TTL/PWM products starting with 3A, 3B, and 3C cannot also be updated to the V20(or higher) firmware.
  • All numbers after lot number 3D (3D, 3E, 3F…) and lot number products with first digit starting with 4, 5 have no problem with V20(or higher) firmware update.
If you already try to update to V20(or higher) on a non-compatible product,  please contact us at cs@mightyzap.com.
We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your kind understanding.