Stroke length change for Economical lineup

2019-02-26 20:05
From Feb, 1st, 2019, full stroke length of Economical lineup (Model names starting from "D") has been changed for improvement as below.
  • Purpose of the change : Improvement for linearity and backlash of Economical lineup mightyZAP.
  • NOTE : This change will be applied to Economical version only and Premium lineup stroke remains same as before.
  Before After (Feb, 1st, 2019)
Starting position of rod when fully retracted 0.8mm 1.8mm
End position of rod when fully extended 27mm (Extendable to 30mm via manager software) 26mm (Extendable to 29mm via manager software)
Full stroke range will be shortened by 1mm.  But, end positions of rod between old and new design are same.  For easier understanding, please refer to the comparative drawings below.  Thanks.