Firmware Update for All mightyZAP lineup and the new Manager software release!

2021-10-19 18:23

We are pleased to inform you that the new Firmware update has been made for all mightyZAP actuators.
For better performance, we recommend our customer to update the firmware. (please pretest it before applying it to your equipment for sure.) Some functions and parameters have been added/removed through this firmware update, and memory efficiency has been improved, but the electrical specifications of the product are not changed.

Force control lineup Actuator (12Lf Series) : New firmware V2.0

[Go to the FORCE Control Lineup Firmware Update Page]

[Go to the updated FORCE Control Lineup User Manual]

Position control lineup Actuator (L12, D12, D7 Series) : New firmware V20

[Go to the POSITION Control Lineup Firmware Update Page]

[Go to the updated POSITION Control Lineup User Manual]